Thank you!

  • John Watts
  • Chris Ellis
  • Reg Davenport - biodiesel donation
  • Karl Welty
  • Emer Boothman
  • Graham Strickert
  • Kathy Sinclair

We want you...please.

We are accepting all kinds of donations for this trip, from the smallest to whatever you feel willing to give.

A trip of this scope obviously has a chance of failure. If we don't start the trip we will donate any funds raised to the Canadian Cancer Society. The thing is, if we do start the trip we will spend the money in our attempt. So, if we start the trip and fail--fail because we get robbed, forever lost or worse--we will be unable to offer you or the Canadian Cancer Society any money. Just so you know.

We do have a system of rewards that we're working on that we hope you will enjoy.

Everybody outside Canada

You can use Paypal to transfer your donation online. Just click on the Paypal button below.


For all the people who own a Canadian bankaccount. Please use the email transfer for your donations.

Please send to:

For a $5 donation

we will add your name to our website and think fondly of you when we buy a snack in a truck stop.

For anything more than $20

For a $20 donation we will send you a postcard from somewhere along the way. We will start sending postcards from somewhere in Alaska and will try to send you a postcard that is as far away from where you live as possible. So if you live in Vancouver you won't get one from, well, Vancouver. We /will/ need your mailing address, please include that in an email shortly after you donate...

For a really, really large donation

You want a limited edition Buckhorn Productions t-shirt? You got it (it might take a while, but trust me, you'll get it). You want a postcard? You got it. You want a Tim and Peter acoustic rendition of Abba's Dancing Queen? All you gotta do is ask.
Note: Really, really large is defined as something that makes us yell expletives and point at the computer screen with silly grins on our face when we look at the sum.

We will accept music suggestions, that is songs that you think we should listen to on the trip. Some of these songs, pending record label approval, may appear later in the film. Please send your suggestions to this link.