Current Projects

The Longest Beaten Path: Driving the Pan-American Highway

In pre-production

We're getting a big road trip together where we drive from the top of Alaska to the bottom of Chile. That's more than 27,000 km, or 18,000 miles if you've not bought into "metric." If driving that far wasn't already enough, we're also going to be filming a documentary about bio-diesel on the way. This is not a mission of conquest, but rather one of discovery. We're not going to conquer the known world on bio-diesel, but we're going to find out everything everyone in the known world knows about it and tell you. But enough blabbing, you can check out a little more at the film-specific site-- temporarily at

The feel good hit of the summer.

In production

A short road trip film about vacation time, swimming holes, roadside attractions and deadlines. We'll be leaving July 2nd from Toronto and you can follow the journey in the blog section of the website.

Top Secret Project

Under development

Can't say much about this yet, other than it will have lots of explosions and little to no driving.