We are a small team of young adventurers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, travellers, musicians, outdoor enthusiasts, surfers, environmentalists, skiers and snowboarders, (good looks and personality) all wrapped into four guys with purpose.

Peter Read (26)

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Peter moves around too much for this bio to be kept up to date. His last job was at Harbour Publishing on the Sunshine Coast of BC, and he's been sighted in Whistler as recently as this morning.

Tim Newton (27)

Born in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Tim used to move around a lot, but lately he's kept put in Whistler. He's trying to figure out a way to live large but put away enough money so that he and his children (of which there are none at the moment) never have to pick fruit for a living.

Albert Bertti (26)

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Albert is in Brazil right now and doesn't tell us anything because he hates dialing the 40 plus numbers you need to to call Canada from Brazil. Currently working as a professional freelance filmmaker, Albert has filmed many different projects but since we don't understand Portuguese we don't really know what they're about.

Frank Erler (28)

Born and raised in the former German Democratic Republic, Frank got an education as a graphic designer in Dresden, a city famous for many reasons, but our favorite is the Christmas Stollen, a kind of cake.